Munchausen by Proxy

by Major Parkinson



Munchausen by Proxy

you blow my mind away, every day
I am the uncanny valley boy
nimble and perplexing
no liver, no lungs
I’m lurking in the garret
the stairway, the hall
I think you’ve heard this story before

I’m coming home, always coming back
to the disco that they call «Munchausen by Proxy»
they made me like this
a company of strangers
a surrogate kiss for something that you cannot obtain

here I am going up around the bend
tick tock
in the pit, the pendulum is running my heart and my naked limbs
chop chop
it’s the birth of Manikin
by the Pavlovian hounds of love
I kissed a castrated suffragette
I can’t believe it would come to this my love
oh God, I’m a mated marionette
so here I am going up around the bend
I can hear the pendulum
it’s running my heart and my naked limbs
it’s the way the rhythm runs the world

one of us, one of us, one of a kind
baby, can you hear me?
are you really one of us, one of us, one of a kind?
baby, can you hear me?


released January 18, 2018


all rights reserved



Major Parkinson Bergen, Norway

Major Parkinson is a particle collider of huge, cinematic melodies, catchy pop hooks, impossible rhythms and psychedelic lyrics. A distinctly different band, with an unconventional, associative and almost irrational approach to the art of writing music.

"Major Parkinson are the Coldplay Cardiacs, with giant commercial songs bent into strange uncommercial shapes" - Prog Magazine
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