Solitary Home (The Hollywood Tapes) feat. Los Alamitos Sound FX

by Major Parkinson



Solitary Home (The Hollywood Tapes) is the unlikely marriage of the most successful show choir in the United States and Norwegian cult band Major Parkinson. It’s a swarm of California teenagers singing and dancing their way through a strange labyrinth of changing time and key signatures, in this completely new incarnation of a classic Major Parkinson track.


do you remember the first time you took a ride
on the vertigo pony made of Mahogany
waving to the ducks by the surrogate clown
uptown smashing your leather balls
into the rusty cans
shooting rabbits and monkeys
feeding the donkeys
waiting for the days to be blemished in frown

do you remember when you stood in the yard
they said the world is right in front of your feet
someday you're gonna meet Mr. Marlon Brando,
live in a tango, build up a house of dreams

do you remember when you could do anything you wanted to?
they said you were the greatest one of the finest girls at the college uptown
do you remember when you could say anything you wanted to say
they said you were the smartest one of the finest girls at the college uptown

hey hey do you remember when you stood in the aisle
between the rivers that you saw in your dreams,
the fainted flashes from kindergarten
swimming in bourbon chasing a big balloon
you looked so happy shooting the blind with blanks on medicine square
in the obituary rolling stone
a metropolitician met Joe DiMaggio
playing arpeggio from the great beyond

in the solitary home a woman's talking through a phone
with a man who is selling dreams for people who never close their eyes
unless they try to sleep
in the solitary home by the TV all alone
her children left her years ago
and her husband sails a world of paper souls and silhouettes
when time hits the gravity nothing seems to measure up
the days, weeks, months, years filling her up

you're stuck in a commercial
hideous like a dying tiny little puppy
skinny to the bone
bite the bullet twixt the cup and the lip in a monstrous town
where the jingles are fading
every time you try to change the channel
searching for some meaning somewhere in between
you tune in, drop out, trying to shout
but no one can hear their own voice when they dream

do you remember when your eyes had a drain
there was a guy behind your lashes
showing all the pretty flashes of Humphrey Bogart feeding you yoghurt
on to the great beyond!


released April 23, 2020
Music by Major Parkinson
Arrangement by Josh Greene
Choir directed by David Moellenkamp & Moana Dherlin, assisted by Cara Jennings, accompanied by Eddy Clement
Choreography: April James
Mixed by Yngve Leidulv Sætre
Engineered by Ross Hogarth & Major Parkinson
Recorded at Sphere Studios Los Angeles, Duper Studio & Degaton Studios

Lead vocals: Sara Michelle Mislang
Bass: Eivind Gammersvik
Piano: Lars Christian Bjørknes
Guitar: Øystein Bech-Eriksen
Drums: Sondre Veland
Violin: Claudia Cox
Cello: Carmen Bóveda
Synths: Josh Greene
Accordion: Heine Bugge
Saxophone: Morten Norheim
Trumpet: William Grøv Skramsett
Xylophone: Nathaniel Hjønnevåg
Tuba: Gunleik Gisletveit
Trombone: Emilie Synnøve Liknes

Los Alamitos Sound FX 2018 (Choir):
Anaya, Mariano
Annis, Abigail
Biddle, Alexandra
Byrd, Natalie
Chamberlain, KC
Ciardelli, Caitlin
Ciardelli, Kevin
Davidson, Justin
DeLeon, Blake
Duncan, Kieren
Farfan, Blake
Gonzalez, Alexandria
Guenther, Quinn
Iturbe, Andy
Jakubowski, Jessica
Ketcham, Duke
Kim, Kai
Kim, Noah
Kiner, Mitchell
Koford, Blake
Kwalk, Josh
Lopez, Liliana
Lotts, Keenan
Lotts, Reese
Luyben, Alexis
MacLeod, Tess
Malloy, Samantha
McClure, Mikaela
McKenzie, Macy
Mislang, Sara
Munson, Jack
Naremore, Julian
Olson, Andrew
Pei, Emily
Pendleton, James
Pisani, Teresa
Quiroz, Kayla
Rasmussen, Lauren
Reed, Anthony
Rodriguez, Cameron
Rodriguez, Rachel
Salter, Ethan
Salter, Jacob
Schiffer, Zachary
Smith, Ethan
Smith, Lauren
Smith, Phoebe
Smitson, Cameron
Sorenson, Jillian
Tolosa, Mikaela
Ungaro, Julia
Velazquez, Damian
Vida, Alec
Wackerman, Sophia
Weber, Taylor
Woyshner, Evan
Wright, Daniel
Young, Abigail
Ringor, Zoe (swing)
Roberts, Mava (swing)


all rights reserved



Major Parkinson Bergen, Norway

Major Parkinson is a particle collider of huge, cinematic melodies, catchy pop hooks, impossible rhythms and psychedelic lyrics. A distinctly different band, with an unconventional, associative and almost irrational approach to the art of writing music.

"Major Parkinson are the Coldplay Cardiacs, with giant commercial songs bent into strange uncommercial shapes" - Prog Magazine
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